Your Skin Is Your Largest Organ – Stop Using Chemically Based Jells, Creams, And Oils.
They Can Elongate, Mask The Problems, And May Cause Even More Damage.

Most people do not realize that they might be battling skin issues on three different fronts: bacterial, hormonal, or food allergies. Most of the time the problem is bacterium, a virus, or a fungus that is causing the problem.

If it is a bacterium, a virus, or fungus; we will be able to stop or control the problem pretty quickly with Sterion Positive H because it starts killing bacterium, fungus’, and viruses on contact immediately!



Staphylococcus aureus––Proteus vulgaris––Salmonella enteritidis––Blastocistisishominus––Vibrio Parahaemolyticus ––Pseudomonas Aeruginosa ––Pseudomonas Flurorescens––EcherichiaColi––Micrococcus Flavus––BucillusSubtilis––Alcaligenes F Acealis––Enterococcus F Aecalis––Klebsiella Pneumoniae––Sarcena Lutea––Streptococcus Faecalis––Treponema Pallidum––Neisseria Gonorrhoeae––Aerobacter Aerogenes––Aeromonas Hydrphila––Acinetobacter Calocoace––AgroBacterium TumefAciens––BacteriodesSp.––Corynebacterium Equi––Erwinia Herbicola––Flavobacterium Sp.––HaemophilusSp.––LeuconostocMesenteroides––MicroccusLuteus––Moraxella Bovis––Mycobacterium Ssp.––Rhodopseudomonas. Viridis––Xanthomonas Cam1 E––Candida Albican

Best of all Sterion Positive H is super clean positive charged water
without chemicals or any additives. It Is Safe And Highly Effective.

Just spray Sterion Positive H on the affected areas and let it dry

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VERY EFFECTIVE AGAINST Rashes –– Burns –– Fever Blisters –– Insect Bites –– Sun Burn Sting
–– Infection Control –– Sore Throats –– Herpes Sores
SANITIZER –– Hands –– Kitchen Counters –– Sterilizes Fruits And Vegetables –– Travel –– Hotel
Rooms –– Airplane Travel –– Mouth Wash

Spray the body and the bedding.