• pH Balance
  • Hydration Balance
  • Oxidative Stress Balance
  • Conscience Awareness


The STEALTH WATER Systems protect your family by stripping harmful free radicals out of the body instantly eliminating the damaging effects of oxidative stress on your body. STEALTH Water is the most powerful antioxidant in the world!

Every Day The Average Human Body Receives Over 100,000 Free Radical Attacks

STEALTH OWNER'S ARE PROTECTED FROM The Causes Of Daily Oxidative Stress On Your Body

Inhalation Of Fumes – Work Stress – Sleep Deprivation – Gases – Smoke – Polluted Air – Dirty Air Conditioner – Liquor – Tobacco – Fast Foods – Processed Foods – Chemically Polluted Tap Water – All Soda – All Bottled Water – All Sports Drinks – Canned Foods – Medications Are Acid Based Antibiotics That Destroy Your Flora – Unclean Foods – Meats Raised On Hormones – Shopping Bacteria

Stealth users experience these lifestyle benefits daily

Think about it, your body is 70% water. Why not put the best fuel in your body every day? When you drink STEALTH WATER consistantly it's like giving your car an oil change. STEALTH users experience a complete change of new fuel every day at the cellular level.

Effective Against

  • Crohn's Disease
  • Prostate Bacterial Fungus
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Kidney Stones
  • Improved Kidney Function
  • Digestive Issues IBS
  • Gout Gone
  • Acid Reflux Gone
  • Flushes Toxins And Acids
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Lowers Inflammation


  • Deep Micro-Clustered Hydrogen At The Cellular Level
  • Hydrates 8 Times Faster
  • Increased Stamina
  • NO Gassing Out
  • Faster Times
  • Increased Strength
  • Longer Deeper Workouts
  • No After Workout Crashes
  • No Cramping Guaranteed

80% of your immune system is in your gut

STEALH drinkers receive boosted protection in their immune system daily


Plastic Microns Are In Your Blood Stream

The benefits of cooking with stealth detox water

People who choose STEALTH WATER protect their families from chemically polluted tap water and toxins. Toxic water makes toxic food and drinks.

STEALTH's active hydrogen is infused into everything you cook. Imagine rice enriched with active hydrogen rather than chemicals and toxins.

Prepare EVERYTHING with STEALTH -coffee's - soups - tea's - pastas - oatmeal - rice- vegetables and much more!

A STEALTH Lifestyle Protects Your Family!

Sick People Shop

Grocery Stores are a bacteria nightmare. Let's face it, sick people shop and they touch everything. People who live the STEALTH lifestyle know the powerful benefits of the STERION water setting on the STEALTH system. STEALTH STERION water kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Another powerful setting from STEALTH that protects your family

STEALTH users clean their fruits, vegetables, and sterilize their homes with the power of STEALTH STERION.


Acne - Canker - Burns - Rashes - Nasal Allergies -

Sty - Pink Eye - Fever Blisters - Infection Control

Bites - Wound Sterilization - Herpes Sores - Travel

Sterilization -Hands - Room - Sore Throat

Looking For A Nutrition Expert?

We Recommend The Best In The World

Dr. Fred Bisci is the Chief Nutritionist for Spartan Races and Author of “Your Health Journey.” Dr. Bisci’s says, “It’s not about what you eat, it’s about what you don’t eat.” At 90 years old and strong as an ox, Dr. Bisci is preparing for a race. Tap into his website to learn more.


Are You Fighting Cancer? Or Is Someone You Know?

Meet Gail - she beat pancreatic cancer naturally. Gail was given a 98% chance of dying if she did not undergo chemo and radiation. She took the 2% odds, refusing chemo and radiation. Gail is now a 7 year cancer survivor.

Dr. Otto Warburg won the Noble Prize by proving the medical fact that no disease including cancer can exist in an alkaline environment. Since that’s true, why wouldn’t you alkalize your body from the inside?

Download her free natural protocol at

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We Can Do Better Than This

Conscience Awareness

You Say You Can Not Afford A STEALTH Lifestyle
We Say ... You Can Not Afford ... Not To Afford It

You Can Protect Your Family Starting Today and Immediately Stop Single-Use Plastic Pollution By Adopting The STEALTH Lifestyle

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