The founders of STEALTH, RJ and Gail, were no strangers to hardship. RJ fought crippling gout for over thirty years, while Gail battled cancer numerous times. The third time she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a 98% chance of death. RJ, having just cured his gout with natural remedies, immediately sold a previous business and immersed himself in the study of every cancer treatment known to man. Gail decided to turn down chemotherapy and radiation. She took the 2% chance of living and together they fought back against cancer naturally. Today, Gail is approaching 8 years cancer free and RJ lives pain free.


Built On Extraordinarily Strong Proven Scientific Principles

The Foundation

During the early development of STEALTH WATER, RJ found extraordinarily strong proven scientific principles existed. Further research and consolidation of those principles lead to the creation of STEALTH. Dr. Lester Packer is considered by many to

Dr. Lester Packer is considered by many to be the world’s foremost scientist studying free radicals and is the head of the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. Free radicals damage the body’s cells, leading to a range of diseases and symptoms of aging. Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg proved cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment.

RJ understood at least three things had to happen in order to create water powerful enough to help Gail’s body fight cancer.

  • The antioxidant water clusters had to be enormously powerful.
  • There needed to be an abundance of antioxidants with the ability to neutralize free radical attacks on the body.
  • The antioxidants had to have the ability to immediately flush toxins and acids out of the body.

Years went by … THEN

A few years later, RJ and a close friend Jerry Gatto got the results back from the lab of a smoking study they had completed and were stunned at the results. First, they read them in disbelief. Then they had a real “Back To The Future” moment shouting at each other dancing around as DOC and MARTY. Be sure to download the smoking study validating the power of Stealth to kill free radicals, as well as Stealth’s ability to strip toxins and acids from the body.

Stealth A Powerful Antioxidant; you better believe it! Deep Micro Clustered Water so powerful that you will feel the all-day energy from Stealth. Stealth is going to make you pee, but that is a good thing as it flushes toxins, acids, and dead free radicals out of the body.

RJ explains it like this. “It is like giving your car an oil change. Many people are full dirty pollutants they consumed. It may take a while to flush out the dirty stuff you drank, it didn’t get there in a day. Your body is 70% water why not put the best fuel in it you can and change your oil daily.”

Today Stealth Has Evolved

As One Fight Has Been Won, Another Bigger Fight Has Begun.

Consumers Worldwide, pollute the planet with over ONE TRILLION plastic single use bottles a year. Are you a single use consumer? If we stopped making single use plastic bottles today it will take over 50 years to clean up this mess, we have made. There will be more bottles in the ocean than fish if we do not act right NOW.

Join the movement. Let’s face it, we are going to drink water until we die so why not protect your family and the planet. Stealth home systems and Stealth Refill Centers STOPS single use plastic pollutants immediately. Never haul single use bottled water again! Its full of plastic microns, acidic based, and is harmful to the planet and your body.

We need laws to ban plastic bottles right now, but no one is writing them! We need real leadership in cities, colleges, sports, mayors, governors, and Washington who will stand up and say NO MORE we are not selling single use bottles in my town or my school! My heart cries out to you JOIN US IN THIS FIGHT. Together we can make a difference. RJ